From Idea to Delivery
Steve PopeSteve
Anton ShanskyAnton
Jean BojarskiJeanne
Jason KutninkJason
Joe PappJoe
Adam SheridanAdam
Angie PopeAngie
Jean WilsonJean
Leonard ThompsonLeonard
Scott WaylandScott
Steve Pope: Chief Executive Officer / Owner
Steve Pope

Favorite Hobbies:
Coaching kids in soccer, snow sports, and frisbee golf.

MS, Industrial Design: Georgia Institute of Technology
BFA, Industrial Design, University of Kansas.

Why start the company?
I like seeing the passion in people when they speak about their new ideas. I get excited because I know that we can make their ideas real.

Tom GIlland: Art Director
Tom GIlland

Favorite Hobbies:
Hiking, biking, drawing, watching the weather.

Park University: BA, Graphic Design
University of North Dakota: Aeronautical Studies

Why I like working at R2FACT:
I enjoy working on the variety of design projects, and see a good fit for my skills, developing projects from concept to retail shelf. Steve is great to work with and he is very enthusiastic and commited to the projects R2FACT develops.

Mike Maluk: Project Manager Intern
Mike Maluk

Favorite Hobbies:
Model aviation and tinkering with electronics.

USAF Technical Training in Avionics Systems

Currently pursuing B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology at University of Central Missouri

Why I like working at R2FACT:
The fast pace and positive work environment are a ton of fun and I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas. I've been having a great time learning and gaining real-world experience with R2FACT!

Anton Shansky: Manufacturing Engineer
Anton Shansky

Favorite Hobbies:
Shooting and hunting.

BS in Mechanical Engineering with over 20 years experience

Why I like working at R2FACT:
I've worked with R2FACT since its inception in 2002 and have helped Steve build it to what it is today; a full service Product Development Consulting Firm. Engineering products in diverse industries such as Medical, Industrial, and Consumer has kept me at the top of my game.

Peter: Taiwan Manufacturing Rep

Favorite Hobbies:
R/C planes, skiing, SCUBA diving, mountain hiking

Focus and Expertise:
BS in Mechanical Engineering with over 20 years experience

Why I like to work with Steve:
Creative job, challenging, and I keep on learning.

Jean Bojarski: Copywriter/ Blog

Favorite Hobbies:
Reading, writing, eating out, people watching

Studied philosophy at New College of the University of South Florida, and economics at the University of Chicago

Why I like to work with Steve:
For most of my career in marketing communications I have worked with engineering companies. Product development is a fascinating offshoot with many more factors to consider than whether the solution will work – the product also has to be user-friendly and elegant.  For me, I love being the investigative reporter digging in to learn about startlingly new products – and about R2FACT’s pioneering alliances with innovators across the world.

Jason Kutnink: Electrical Engineering
Jason Kutnink

Favorite Hobbies:
Spending time with my family, gardening, aquarium keeping

BS in Electronics Engineering Technology, DeVry University

Why I like to work with Steve:
R2FACT always has new and interesting projects and always works towards making the customer successful.  I really enjoy being able to contribute my experience and knowledge, and most of all working with Steve and his team!

Carrie Jeske: Social Media and SEO
Carrie Jeske

Executive Director at i3 Resources

Her background starts from the rookie days of sales and management at Motorola in the 1980's, throuth the training and development industry, into small business executive leadership, and currently as an entrepreneur.

Webster University
Kansas State University

Joe Pap: Mechanical Engineer
Joe Papp

Favorite Hobbies:
Amateur Astronomy

MSME, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology (1996)

I have enjoyed working with Steve and the rest of the team at R2FACT because I have the freedom to use my creativity as well as my experience and education, to provide engineering solutions to customers. In addition to the design of mechanical components, R2FACT has allowed me to work in a variety of discliplines that include optics and fluid mechanics.

Adam Sheridan: Project Manager
Adam Sheridan

Working with my hands, Gardening, Biking, Working out

B.S. in Business Administration - University of Kansas
MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship – University of KS
Currently pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – University of Kansas

After spending seven years in the real estate and investment industries, I'm going back to school to become an engineer! A tinker and inventor at heart, I wanted a more fulfilling career doing something I truly loved. I learned about R2fact through the growing inventor community in K.C. and jumped at the chance to join their team. Steve has assembled a diverse and agile group of designers and engineers, and I find myself smiling often while working on various projects thinking how lucky I am to get to do this for a living!

Jack: USA Manufacturing Rep

Favorite Hobby:
When given the time, I enjoy spending time at our cabin where we fish, golf, water ski and relax with family & friends.

Areas of Expertise:
With over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Project Management, I bring an extensive background in product development,  project management, sales, marketing and international sourcing experience for the retail and industrial marketplace.  My expertise lies in the ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities to increase sales and profitability.

I have had the pleasure working with Steve the last couple of years on a number of projects and his ability to provide the necessary detail and work within the timelines of the projects has made for smooth process that brought the projects in on time and within budget.

Angie Pope: Sales Representative
Angie Pope

Favorite Hobby:

BS in Communications, UMKC (1988)

Best part of working at R2FACT:
Great pay and flexible hours.

Jean Wilson: Administrative and Operations
Jean Wilson

Favorite Hobby:
I like to travel, read and take the family dog for walks/jogs. I also enjoy soccer, horseback-riding, snow skiing and just being with my family.

B.S. in Business Administration with majors in Accounting and Finance – University of Central Missouri.
MBA – University of Notre Dame

Why I like working at R2FACT:
Our clients bring a tremendous energy and passion into the office. It is wonderful to be part of the team that helps them bring their ideas to life. . . whether it is for a scientist with a device to increase efficiency in a research lab or an individual with a new consumer product. Our staff is dedicated, hard-working, and great to work with!

Leonard Thompson : Prototyping Manager
Jean Wilson

Favorite Hobby:

BST In Industrial Design from KSCP in 1976

Working at R2FACT:
I like the variety of projects that I work on, but even more then that, I like the attitude of quality and doing what is right for the customer.

Gary : Sourcing Agent

Favorite Hobby:
Developing products that bring a smile to people thus improving their standard of living.

Focus or Expertise:
Consumer product development and product marketing with expertise in LED lighting and small scale electronic modules utilizing many mediums (plastic, glass, metal, wax etc).

What have I liked about working with Steve?
I love working with Steve. He is honest, hard working yet, laid back and fun to work with!

Mathew : China Manufacturing Rep

Favorite Hobby:

Area of Expertise:
Sourcing, Quality Control and assuring that our factories do their work well for our customers.

R2FACT is a very professional company, they have great experience in manufacturing products.

Scott Wayland: Jr. Industrial Designer

Favorite Hobbies:
Sketching, Watching Movies, and Playing Video Games

University of Kansas: Industrial Design

Why I like working at R2FACT:
Getting the chance to work on real projects for real clients and seeing my designs go through the real stages of product development.