From Idea to Delivery

Product Design – how it’s started

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Product Research – As of December 2011, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing are the top four search engines; in that order. Look for your new product idea on-line before spending a dime on any Patent or Prototype. Do your homework on-line to ensure that your product does not already exist. Whether it does or not, great Industrial Design is critical to its success.

R2FACT has on staff a highly qualified research analyst who lives and breathes information on the internet. Our services in the following areas are essential to most every development project.

Competitor Research – Each product has competition. (more)
Market Research – The market will ultimately decide. (more)
Technology and Trends Research – Fads, trends and displacing technology may all have value, however, can all be profitable.  (more)
User Research – Understanding fully who will be using your product, as to how, when and where will provide great insight.  (more)


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